Young Explorers - Grades 3-6

August 4 - 10, 2019


Celebrate good times..come on! Are you ready to party with us, Young Explorers? Dana and Kate, with your favourites, Paulo and Kathy, are ready to have an awesome time with you!

On Monday, we'll celebrate Christmas so wear your red and green and practice singing your favourite carols!
On Tuesday, we'll celebrate our birthdays! Do you have a cupcake shirt or birthday girl badge? Bring it along! Hopefully there's cake!
Wednesday is Canada Day (again!) so bring your Canada gear...we might even have a surprise that day!
On Thursday, we'll celebrate Cinco de Mayo! It's mostly so we can eat tacos, but wear your bright colours too!
Friday brings Easter, where we'll learn about Jesus' death and resurrection and what it means for us. Bring your Easter best to wear to our banquet!
Finally, Saturday morning, we'll celebrate friendship and love for Valentine's Day! Dig out your pink and red...or just wear your Canada Day shirt again, because it's camp!

We can't wait for this year's adventures with you! Come meet new friends, go on awesome nature adventures, and make some holiday crafts!  See you soon, Young Explorers!

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