Nature Cabin Book is Available!

A History of the Nature Cabin booklet was discussed by a small group (Deirdre O’Neil, Phil and Wynne Eastman, and Don & Leila Russell) that has worked on the project for the last two years – more in earnest in the last year. Thelma MacDougal (pictured) envisioned such a building after sharing the Norman Dabbs Memorial Lodge for a few years.

The book contains a general history of the cabin together with the note of permission from Albert Schweitzer. It also contains with pictures Phil Eastman and his father actually building the cabin. It also includes the initiative tasks of yesteryear and the modern Obstacle Course along with the history of the birds that we have in the cabin and an extensive Memorial section at the back with the pictures of the plaques and the trees or shrubs along with the written history of each of the memorialized individuals. It is full of illustrations and pictures with credits to all those who served as Nature Leaders over the years. Many of these leaders prior to the last decade were volunteers bringing with them many unique ideas for the programs run.

The book is now available for only $15.00 (which includes shipping and handling charges). This book would be a good Christmas or birthday present, especially for those connected with Camp Hermosa or related to any of the people involved.

The Nature Cabin idea is unique in that few other camps have such a building or program. Proceeds, over the cost of printing, will be used for Cabin upkeep and Nature program needs.

To purchase your copy, please contact Don Russell here.
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