Meet our 2019 Summer Staff!


Madison Zinger

Madison Zinger Job Title:
Head Cook

Brief bio:
I'm a third year student at the University of Toronto studying Arts Management & Theatre.  I'm on the cheerleading team at my university and am loving it!  Some of my favourite things to do include reading, travelling, singing, and going to camp!! Can't wait to see you all this summer!

Camp Hermosa History:

I went to camp for a long time as a camper, then participated in the LIT program in 2013 and was a leader the following summer.  I've been on staff since 2015, making this my fifth summer and I am so happy to be back!

Food: Mangoes
Superhero: Wonder Woman
Sport/game: Volleyball
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Vespers
Place you’d most like to visit: Egypt
Hopes for the summer: To make meaningful connections, meet some new friends and make some really good food!

Sean Robin

Sean Robin Job Title:
Head of Maintenance (the Fixer of broken, the Cleaner of dirty)

Brief bio:
Hello all, I'm Sean and this is my 5th summer as Head of Maintenance.  I live in Simcoe with my wife Connie.  I attend Queensway Baptist Church in Brantford where I am part of the youth ministry team.  When I'm not at camp in the winter months I drive Zamboni for the City of Hamilton.

Camp Hermosa History:
I have been attending Camp Hermosa since I was 8 years old.  My first summer at camp I attended Single Parent Family camp.  I continued as a camper until Sr High, then came as a leader and now on Staff.

Food: Sushi
Superhero: Swamp Thing
Sport/game: Slapping contests
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): I think of camp as a "thin spot" - a place where the space between you and God is thinner.  You feel or you are closer to God here.
Place you’d most like to visit: Australia
Hopes for the summer:  My hope for this summer is that, as we work to build community, all campers will encounter God in a real and tangible way and that they will truly feel that they belong here.

Aidan Woodhouse

Aidan Woodhouse Job Title: Maintenance Staff / Cook

Brief bio: I'm 18 years old and this is my third summer on staff.  I will be going into grade 13 in the fall.  I think milk and fanny packs are the best.

Camp Hermosa History:  It all started when my friend's mom said, "Aidan, you should go to camp with Owen." And nine years later I'm about to start my third year on staff. I keep coming back because I love it.


Food: Steak and eggs
Superhero: Nomad
Sport/game: Wrestling and downhill mountain biking
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Mission Impossible or Guess Who
Place you’d most like to visit: Moab, Utah
Hopes for the summer: To impact campers' lives in a positive way, by showing them the way of the Lord

Ian Baker

Job Title: Nature Leader / Maintenance

Brief bio: I was born and raised near Guelph where my dad homeschooled me and my two sisters.  I have experienced some large and difficult changes in my life (school), but these have shown me how God is working in my life.

Camp Hermosa History: I first went to Camp Hermosa when I was approximately 6 months old and have gone every year since.  Last summer was my first summer on staff.

Food: Can't go wrong with potatoes
Superhero: The Marvel ones
Sport/game: Water polo
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Looking at the water from Vespers
Place you’d most like to visit: Scotland or Denmark
Hopes for the summer: To have fun with the campers while teaching them and keeping the camp aesthetically pleasing

Megan Summers

Megan Summers Job Title: Cook

Brief bio: I'm 18 years old and going to unversity at Nipissing in the fall.  I've grown up in a Christian home and going to church every Sunday.  I'm the youngest in my family with 3 older brothers.  I had a rough childhood until I started coming to camp and getting closer to God who helped me get through a lot.

Camp Hermosa History:
I've been going to camp since I was 8 years old.  I've always loved coming to camp so I did my LIT week in 2015.  I was excited to join staff this year so I can spend the entire summer at the place I love most.


Food: Chocolate lasagna
Superhero: Thor
Sport/game: Rugby
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Nature walks or rec games
Place you’d most like to visit: Europe
Hopes for the summer: To grow my faith and help show others how truly amazing and powerful God is in His work

Aidan Rempel

Aidan Rempel Job Title: Admin Assistant

Brief bio: I recently graduated from King's University College with a BA in Childhood & Social Institutions and Sociology.  I am a master of the beans at Starbucks and I have a slight obsession with sloths.  My dog has me wrapped around her little paw.
Camp Hermosa History: I have been coming to camp since 2009 and have gone from camper to leader to staff, back to leader, and now back to staff!  I'm super excited to be back!


Food: I could eat sushi all day
Superhero: My sister.  Boom.
Sport/game: Watching/cheering on the people who know how to play sports and games
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): I love the loudness and excitement of campfire, but then also love the quietness and intimacy of Vespers
Place you’d most like to visit: New Zealand, or anywhere in Europe
Hopes for the summer: I hope to make lasting connections with my fellow staff and the campers who come through the gates

Jacob Isaac

Jacob Isaac Job Title: Head of Recreation & Lifeguarding

Brief bio: Hi everyone! I am so excited to be returning to staff this summer as the Head of Rec & Lifeguarding!  This is my fifth summer on staff, and in between summers I study International Development and Climatology at the University of Ottawa.  I can't wait to see all of the familiar faces of returning campers, and meet those who are experiencing the awesomeness of Camp Hermosa for the first time!

Camp Hermosa History: I first started attending Camp Hermosa in 2007 as a Junior camper and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of acceptance, the people, and God's evident love which encompasses the entire camp!  As soon as I was old enough, I took part in the Leader-in-Training program, and spent nearly the entire summer volunteering, just so that I could spend more time at Hermosa!  The following summer I was lucky enough to be a part of the Perm Staff as a floater, and in the four summers since, I have had a blast being a part of the lifeguard & rec team!


Food: Creme brulee
Superhero: Jesus
Sport/game: Competitive swimming
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Free swim (obviously), Vespers
Place you’d most like to visit: The set of Gilligan's Island
Hopes for the summer: It's my hope that every camper, through their friends, leaders, and staff, will come to know the intense love that God has for each and every one of us!  There's something that keeps pulling me back year after year, and nothing would make me happier than hearing that a camper went home at the end of the week knowing they are a part of something bigger, an ever-growing camp family.  Oh, and peach freezies...I hope that we have peach freezies this summer

Leah Routenburg

Leah Routenburg Job Title: Lifeguard

Brief bio: If you haven't already met me you'll probably hear me soon...I love making art, looking at the stars (and pretending I know what constellation I'm pointing at) or finding the perfect piece of sea glass at the beach. I wish I had never read the Harry Potter books JUST so I could enjoy them all over again, and unless you want to hear me talk for 3 days straight don't mention Star Wars or Avengers when I'm around.  In the fall I will be attending Redeemer University to study Concurrent Education with a major in English 

Camp Hermosa History: I first came to camp when I was 9 and have been coming ever since JUST for that fab camp coffee

Food: Eggo's.  Forever and ever amen (ask me about the eggo's song and you'll love them too)
Superhero: I love Iron Man
Sport/game: I like cross country and track, but I'm a pro at Quidditch
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): I could walk on the camp beach all day...but eventually I'd have to come up for the awesome campfire songs
Place you’d most like to visit: Someone please tell my parents I said Disneyland
Hopes for the summer: I can't even begin to explain how pumped I am to get to know every amazing camper that comes this summer.  I hope that through my example and interactions with the kids and staff I can show them how much God adores each and every one of us.

Camryn Stephens

Camryn Stephens Job Title: Lifeguard

Brief bio: I am from Windsor but currently go to school at the University of Guelph.  I am going into my third year of Human Kinetics with hopes of becoming a physiotherapist.

Camp Hermosa History: I started coming to Camp Hermosa in 2009 and have never looked back.  I have been a camper and a leader and am now returning for my third summer on staff.  Hermosa has always been the place where I want to spend my summer. 


Food: Grilled cheese
Superhero: Spiderman
Sport/game: Soccer
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Vespers
Place you’d most like to visit: Greece
Hopes for the summer: I hope for an amazing summer full of laughter and friendship

Alison Gallant

Alison Gallant Job Title: Resource Worker

Brief bio: Educator by trade.  World traveller.  Podcast enthusiast.  Jesus follower.  Sci-fi nerd.  Fitness junkie.  Outgoing introvert.

Camp Hermosa History: First attended camp when I was six (as a family camper) and over the years have filled pretty much every volunteer position there is and spent 4 years on staff (lifeguard/head of rec)


Food: 鱼香茄子 (literal translation: fish fragrant eggplant—actually has no fish at all). Pretty much anything Greek or Middle Eastern (that I’ve tried). About ½ of the authentically Chinese dishes I’ve tried. 
Superhero: Wolverine
Sport/game: Curling, Code Names
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Seeing friends year after year; sunsets on the beach or at Vespers
Place you’d most like to visit: Mediterranean (can we say cruise?)
Hopes for the summer: To help everyone on site feel like they belong here

Alivia Judge

Alivia Judge Job Title: Camp Photographer/Social Media Coordinator

Brief bio: I am 17 years old going into Grade 12.  I am a singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and musician

Camp Hermosa History: My grandparents directed at Camp Hermosa.  My mom and dad met and married here!  I have been coming ever since I was young at Family Camp and share some of my best memories here!


Food: Sushi and tacos
Superhero: Spiderman
Sport/game: Badminton
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): ): Favourite thing about camp is the relationships you make with each other and God
Place you’d most like to visit: Bahamas
Hopes for the summer: Become closer to God, others, and myself.  And get a tan!

Scott Hadskis

Scott Hadskis Job Title: Camp Manager

Brief bio: Part-time London resident, occasional traveler (not nearly as often as I'd like), aspiring optimist, dispenser of wisdom, student of sarcasm, foodie, coffee snob. The quality of a day is measured by how much time I spend outside.

Camp Hermosa History: Past Cabin Leader, Director, LIT trainer, Committee Chair. Camp Manager since 2007.


Food: A perfectly grilled steak. Any time, day or night
Superhero: Iron Man
Sport/game: Hockey, Baseball, Euchre.
Camp activity (or favourite thing about camp): Seeing the lake on one side and the forest on the other.  And the people.  The wonderfully weird people who call Camp Hermosa 'home'
Place you’d most like to visit: Australia.  And anywhere that it doesn't snow.
Hopes for the summer: A staff with boundless energy, an abundance of excellent leaders, and seeing lives changed as we all discover more about God's love.


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