Hermosa Winter Camp

Winter Retreat is coming - Feb 16-19!

Book the weekend of February 16-19, 2018 and join us in London for Winter Retreat!  Since this is Family Day weekend, we're starting on Friday night and going right through until Monday afternoon! We are going to have a ton of fun catching up with good friends, playing in the snow, eating great food, and being inspired and challenged by great worship and messages.
Winter Retreat will be at Westview Baptist Church (1000 Wonderland Rd South, London, ON). Plan to arrive at 7 pm on Friday.  Please arrange to be picked up by 2 pm on Monday.

Let us know TODAY that you're coming by...

Registering online HERE


...Going to our Winter Retreat Facebook page and joining HERE. Please bring a completed registration form with you

We've got all kinds of winter activities planned (bring ice skates and snow gear), plus some incredible worship time.  You'll have lots of opportunities to catch up with your camp friends as well.  Don't miss out!
Any questions? Email Scott

Download Winter Retreat Registration Form

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