Volunteer Opportunities Available

There are a number of opportunities to offer your gifts of ministry to camp throughout the year. As you know with any camp there are many hours of behind the scenes work that needs to be accomplished so that the summer months can be focused on the camp programs themselves. Some of these tasks can be performed from the comfort of you own home.

If you have an interest in serving at Camp Hermosa,
feel free to contact our Camp Manager

First And Foremost, We Need Prayer Warriors:

One of the most important ways to help with camp is to simply pray for us. We're a wonderful and exciting ministry so please keep us in your prayers.

  • Pray for the summer staff as they prepare for the weekly programs
  • Pray for the program and personnel committee that they find dedicated christian leadership for each camp
  • Pray for the board of directors that their decisions are sound and for His glory
  • Pray for our hundreds of workers that the campus is ready to go for our season and especially for the many campers from every lifestyle that will come through our gates this summer that they will make friends, feel safe, have fun and make lifetime commitments to follow Him 
  • Pray for our current washroom building projects, safety on the jobsite, great weather to get tasks done, & skilled volunteers to help in completing the tasks. 

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