Capital Fund Projects

March 2017 Update:

Last summer our 3 newest cabins opened their doors for the camping season to rave reviews about larger interior space and a natural placement to enjoy shade from the surrounding trees. Having these cabins close to each other also provides for a community setting where lots of laughs and chats took place. One parent commented; 'it's like the cabins were built elsewhere and then placed here from a truck with very little of the wooded area being disturbed'. So what happens now? The Board and the build committee will meet this year to plan the next fundraising campaign to build six more cabins on the footprints of where the existing girls cabins reside. Please keep us in your prayers that we may continue the build momentum and for guidance from the Good Lord on this project.


Construction pictures from April 2016:

Capital Fund Projects

Update Jan 2016:

The excitement continues! Last fall, the next phase in the new cabin build got underway with the demolition of the old missionary cabin, the old staff triplex and the old staff washroom located near the nature cabin. Many of these buildings had been used for decades so it was sad to see them go. However, it was also necessary to clear space for 3 new cabins that will be finished this coming spring. These new cabins will be very similar to the shape and size of the overflow cabin that was completed a couple of years ago and will be positioned very close to the same locations as the 3 buildings that came down. Although only 3 cabins will be built, a fourth cement pad was added for a possible future build as well. Very few trees were removed during the demolition process which is great news since the existing trees will provide shade for the new cabins. We’ve been blessed with the finances to pay for these 3 cabins from hundreds of our supporters and through various fundraising activities in Guelph and Waterloo.
We praise God for His blessing on this project and look to His guidance as we move forward.

Update April 2015:

Exciting news!
At our March Board meeting it was decided to continue our momentum with our build project by adding 3 new cabins with construction to begin this fall and a May, 2016 opening. This is fabulous news. We’ve been so blessed with financial support to assist us in this effort and it’s time to put a shovel in the ground.
These new cabins will be placed as planned where the existing staff triplex, staff washroom and missionary cabin currently sit. The triplex will be re-positioned in the maintenance area as additional storage while the missionary cabin and washroom will be completely removed.   

Why only 3 cabins?

Well, it comes down to numbers. Through generous support, we have just over $100,000 in designated cabin funds and with projected new cabin costs of around $30,000 per cabin, it gives us a little extra for those unknown costs that  can occur. Once again, we anticipate that most of the work will be done with volunteers.
We also looked at registration numbers for the past 5+ years and feel that 3 cabins with an allowable amount of 10 campers per cabin puts us only 2 less than what our current number of 4 boys cabins with 8 campers maximum allowed. If the need arises, then we also have the new cabin for overflow.  We are aware that that goal was 4 new boys’ cabins but with these numbers and the current washroom/shower building loan to carry as well it was decided to go with 3 only. If a 4th cabin is needed in the coming years then that would be a very good problem to have!   

In order to move this project forward, we are looking for a volunteer Project Manager to shepherd the cabin build to completion.  You can view the job description here.  For more information, or to put your name forward, please email Scott.

Thank you again for your financial help and for your many prayers. God IS good and continues to bless this ministry.

How You Can Help

To help us realize our goal, please send your donation (payable to Camp Hermosa, Inc.) to Doug Debus, Treasurer, 568 Stonebury Cres, Waterloo, ON, N2K 3R1.

Each of us is indebted to the generations before us who left their legacy at Hermosa for us to enjoy God's creation. Now, it's our turn!

Want to Know More?

For more information about this project, contact our Communications Manager, Kim Sheane by clicking here. We will also provide periodic updates on our progress via the web site, our Facebook page, and the eHerald newsletter.

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